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About us

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Serving New Ulm

We are a community focused organization, looking to provide the best gaming possibilities for the New Ulm area. Through our door you will find the games and accessories that you desire, a place to play those games, and wonderful people to play them with.

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Our Space and Location

Our location is 204 N Minnesota St in the heart of downtown New Ulm. It has a 2,000 sq. ft. selling floor and full basement. The 2,000 sq. ft. selling floor is dedicated to product available for purchase and demonstration tables. For now, this is also where our gaming space is located. In the future, the basement will be converted to house the tournament and casual play area, providing a location for customers to enjoy gaming, an ideal scenario for those with limited space in their homes.

Serving You-New Ulm

New Ulm enjoys playing games of various kinds; board, card, role-playing, etc. There is not, however, a store in the immediate area to serve this need. A few of the big box stores offer the more popular games available in the market, but otherwise the only place to shop for these particular items is in Mankato (≈ 25 miles distant) or on the internet. Through various means, we intend to cater to this particular underserved demographic in the New Ulm area. Our first means is that of retail availability. We will provided a diverse selection of board, card, role-playing and other games for perusal and purchase without the need to leave the area or shop sight unseen on the internet. In addition, we will be providing a place for those in this demographic to come together. Many games are played with groups of like-minded people. We will provide a location that these people can meet one another and play games. There will be a location on the premises where people can gather and play games together.

Our Customers

Our customer is someone who loves gaming, be that dice gaming, board gaming, role-playing gaming, card gaming, or any other kind of gaming. This customer can be of any age, gender, race, religious belief or income level. The only unifying feature is the love of games in any or all of their forms. Our hope is that younger customers with enthusiasm will bring attention to the store. As these customers grow older, that enthusiasm will translate into a dedication to our establishment that will provide a steady base in the future. Customers with young families lack the time to participate in all in-store events; however, they will be looking for games to play with their families, especially younger children, so they can share their hobby. As their children grow older, they will bring the children into the store to participate in gaming related events as another bonding opportunity. Gaming is a lifelong hobby. Older customers whose families have moved on or who have retired themselves will enjoy having a community in which they can share their love of gaming. They will be able to act as mentors to younger gamers if they wish, or simply find a group of like-minded individuals with whom they can play.

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